We have opened a new ghost kitchen in our commissary in the USC/DTLA area and will be offering delivery in the near future.

We will link our DoorDash page once we get everything set, but we plan to offer our full truck menu.

If you live near Silver Lake, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US FOR DELIVERY! Instead, please visit our storefront, The Fix Burger, by going to their site at thefixburger.com to order directly from them. They have many more burger options than we do (they do grass-fed and bison, for example, plus an AMAZING turkey burger). And they don’t tack on the DoorDash charge that we will have to. 😦

Plus, if you are vegan, they have great options which we don’t!

DoorDash has been an unmitigated disaster in dealing with. Among the things we have experienced so far:

1. Sending out automatic messages saying our menu and store is live when I never turned it on. Evidently these are sent out automatically and have zero basis in actual reality.

2. After having set up the account and menu, I still have not had a live person reach out to me. Thought we had an account rep, and evidently his name is Andrew Caswell. Haven’t heard a peep from him.

3. All calls for merchant service from DoorDash are routed to Mexico City or the Philippines. So you have non-native speakers trying to grasp nuances that they lack the ability to understand.

4. Any callback from a decision maker or even a supervisor needs to be escalated via their internal system and then they call back “in 24 hours.” So far nothing.

5. Our photographer through DoorDash was hired through a third party, OCUS, some French company. They sent a photographer who was 30 minutes late and who did not confirm, did not respond to texts or calls…and just showed up. DoorDash sent me to the OCUS number, which only had a message saying to send an email. So while we had prepped a bunch of food and were waiting to see whether the photographer would show, we were at the mercy of an email that would respond “within three hours.” They finally responded after five or more attempts by me, over 16 hours later.

Explain to me why we should give them 30% of our sales, and pass that charge along to you?