Update 3/22/18 to “texting your order ahead of time”…

When we first launched, we were ambitious in thinking that we could use technology to let people order ahead via our phone number.  A visitor to our site made a good point which is why we are updating this.

The only way to make ordering ahead fair is to have the customer ordering prepaying, so that the customer only has to go to the pickup window to get his or her food.  We don’t have that capability ourselves so we don’t take text orders as a result.

HOWEVER, we do use the Order Ahead app when we are at WeWork in Culver City, 300 Corporate Pointe in Culver City, and at LACMA in Miracle Mile.  This is the app that Best Food Trucks/Lotmom provides for customers to order, prepay, and then pick up, skipping the line.  Try it.  Here is the link:  https://order.bestfoodtrucks.com/

2 thoughts on “Update 3/22/18 to “texting your order ahead of time”…

    1. Hi Jen…we haven’t implemented this for the very reason you have mentioned. We have used the Order Ahead app with certain locations that Book My Lot/Lotmom have that use it, but this requires them to pay first and then they just go to the pickup window.

      Outside of that app, we have no means of taking prepayment so we don’t take text orders at this time. It would be unfair to the person who is texting to stand in line (defeats the purpose of the text) and it would be unfair to the people standing in line to see people cutting the line to pay.

      In other words, we won’t implement text ordering until the customer can prepay and then just pick it up. Otherwise, it becomes pointless and everyone gets upset.

      Thanks for reminding me about this. Let me update this post.


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